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To learn about NEC and NEC of America including growth plans, recent news, and trends impacting the business.

Early Findings


  • In Kunihiko Iwadare partnered with the U.S. firm Western Electric Company to establish the first joint venture with foreign capital in Japan. The company was named Nippon Electric Company, Limited.
  • From 1899 until 1950, the company made great strides in technology including switchboards for long distance toll calls, wireless technology, transmitter tubes, transistors, and FAX machines.
  • In the 1950s, Nippon began research into computers and microwave transmission-based television broadcasting. In 1958, the company developed the first fully transistorized NEAC-2201 computer.
  • Nippon Electric New York was estabished in 1963. When Nippon Electric Company, LTD became NEC in 1983, Nippon New York became NEC Corporation of America.
  • Nippon continued research and development of the computer throughout the 80s and 90s introducing the PC-8001 personal computer, world's first notebook-sized PC with color LCD, and the world's first prototype 1Gbit DRAM.
  • Throughout the 2000s, Nippon completed the Earth Simulator, developed the smallest camera equipment for mobile phones, developed an ultra thin rechargeable battery, and developed the ultra-compact microwave communications system PASOLINK.

Recent News

  • In October, NEC announced a partnership with the Washington Wizards. This is the first international partnership made by an NBA team since it was announced that NBA teams could sell internatinal marketing rights to two international sponsors for the 2019-2020 season.
  • NEC, in partnership with Seven Bank, introduced a next generation ATM with facial recognition in September. The facial recognition technology has been rated number 1 for certification accuracy.
  • In August, the Modern Bus Company of Makkah, Saudi Arabia contracted NEC to develop an intelligent transportation system to be launched in 2020. The system will include automated fare collection systems, bus location systems, and solar powered displays.

Orchestrating a Brighter World

  • In 2014, NEC released its new brand statement, "Orchestrating a Brighter World."
  • This brand statement is based off of NEC's desire to provide solutions to six global trends impacting the globe: chain of resources and environmental changes; sustainable cities; increase in power of individuals and changing values; changes in power balance; exponential technological advancement; and diversified threats and need for safety and security.
  • In order to provide solutions for these six trends, NEC has committed to focus on technologies in seven key areas: safer cities and public services; lifeline infrastructure; communication; industry eco-system; work style; quality of life; and sustainable earth.


  • In NECs public sector business, the company has experienced 4.4% growth attributed to work in healthcare, aerospace, and defense.
  • In the enterprise sector, NEC has experienced 11.8% growth due to work in the finance sector.
  • The network services business of NEC has grown by 11% due to increased sales in fixed network domains.
  • The company experienced a 16.7% growth in its system platform business attributed to increased sales in hardware, specifically business PCs.
  • The global business division has experienced a 23.3% growth due to increased focus in the safer city and submarine systems sectors.

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