Research Outline

Global equestrian industry: market size


To identify the global market size of the equestrian industry.

Early Findings

Global Equestrian Industry

  • According to Allied Market Research, the global equestrian market consists of horse racing and betting, competitive riding and leisure.
  • According to the Equine Business Association, the global equine industry as a whole is worth $300 billion. The top 3 markets include the US, worth $102 billion, Europe, which is valued at $133 billion, and Canada at $16 billion.
  • According to Beta, the horse industry is more varied than any other sector within the agriculture or in the wider leisure industry.
  • The equine industry can be divided into 2 major categories: activities based on the use, possession or ownership of horses (Core activities), and suppliers of horse-related goods and services for those core activities (providers to the core).
  • Activities within the core segment range from professional to leisure, as well as semi-professional riders. Hence, this segment involves activities relating to commercial breeders, affiliated sports such as dressage and show jumping, training, and racing. The leisure-oriented activities include the provision of riding lessons, trekking, and tourist attractions. Providers to the core are involved in activities such as farriery, feed supply, and veterinary services, livery yards, etc.
  • Some of the key manufacturers in the global equestrian products and supplies market include Horze-Equestrian, Colonial Saddlery, Gems International, Akash International, Bates Saddles, Amerigo saddle, Berney Brothers, Beval Saddlery, Borne Saddlery, and Airowear.