E-Bike Market in Europe


To identify the needs and issues relating to e-bikes within the following groups: Companies' fleet managers (pain points, aspirations, customer journey for e-bikes ) and Product managers of leasing companies that manage (e-)bikes (customer journey, selection criteria, etc).

Early Findings

Company Fleet Managers/Employer Perspective

- Overview

  • Mobility of staff is an expensive issue for many employers, hence public transport and car lease deals are discussed as a part of the contract. An article from Bicle states that while e-bikes have not yet reached this status, there are companies that offer e-bikes as part of their mobility deals.
  • Among the main benefits of e-bikes from an employers' perspective is the saving of traveling time due to speed, it is cheaper than leasing a car, the increased job satisfaction of employees due to flexibility, potential decrease in long lasting absenteeism due to employees being more fit, increased popularity for the company, and the strengthening of the company's image in terms of corporate social responsibility.
  • SNS Reaal is a Dutch company that pays employees that travel by e-bikes 0.23 more per mile than those that travel by car. According to Bicle, employees of this company can choose to "pay for the e-bike by stopping the payment of travel expenses until the debt is paid of, lower their bonuses throughout the year or to close an interest free loan."
  • According to a report by the European Cyclists' Federation, the cycle-to-work scheme in the UK enables employers to lease bikes free of tax to their employees. The report further states that the price ceiling of £1000 (1160 ) for consumer credit licenses complicates the process.

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