Research Proposal

SAP Concur's Marketing Strategy Overview


To provide an overview of SAP Concur's marketing strategy to include information on a) do they organize by product b) do they organize by geography c) are they moving to omni-channel marketing and d) what is their 2020 digital marketing strategy? in order to prepare for a meeting with their Digital Marketing VP.

Early Findings

Our research on SAP Concur's marketing strategy revealed insights. Here are key pieces of information we found:

SAP Concur's Marketing Strategy


  • SAP Concur does organize their products in the following categories: Expense, Travel, Invoice, Data insights, Support offerings, Integrations, and Travel management companies (TMC).
  • Their marketing strategy does not appear to organize around geography, although they have a page on their website that lists all of their geographic locations.
  • Kim Albrecht is CMO and a member of the executive leadership team for SAP Concur and leads multi-national marketing teams responsible for omni-channel product marketing, digital, brand, communications, customer success, demand generation, and market-expansion.
  • SAP Concur's digital marketing strategy in 2020 is based on continuing to drive a digital evolution that makes digital a growth engine for Concur. Specific components of this strategy include driving exponential growth in their key target markets from digital channels and connecting digital campaigns to non-digital activities.
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