2020 Trends and Topics Related to Teens, Aged 12-17


To learn about trends and topics related to teens aged 12-17, specifically as they related to entertainment content.

Early Findings

  • Generation Z, comprised of tweens and teens aged 10-17 are, according to Forbes, "poised to become the largest generation of consumers by 2020, responsible for up to $143 billion of direct spending."
  • 29% of teens aged 12-17 are more interested in seeking out educational opportunities than in buying material things.
  • 17% are "more open to diversity, different, ideas, cultures, and people" than previous generations, including MIllennials.
  • 60% of teenagers click on ads online, but they also like commercials.
  • According to the results of a 2019 survey conducted by the marketing agency Fuse, over 52% of the teens prefer YouTube above all other streaming services, with over 72% of teens visiting YouTube daily.
  • When playing online or console games as a form of entertainment, US teens prefer games that provide "high-energy interaction and life-like simulations," like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and the Sims 4.
  • Among social media apps used by teens, Snapchat, which was number one, has declined somewhat in popularity and is being replaced by Instagram. TikTok, a relatively new app, is also gaining popularity among teens.
  • US teens love their screens. A CNN article states, "US teens spend an average of more than seven hours per day on screen media for entertainment, and tweens spend nearly five hours... and that doesn't include time spent using screens for school and homework."

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