13-21 Year Old Creatives


To gain an understanding of the news and information sources of 13-21 year old creatives in the United States, including how they learn about events, new products, and new brands

Early Findings

80% of this age group values "finding themselves creatively", which is largely expressed online.

25% post original video, and 65% note creating content on social media as part of their creative process.

Gen Z (those born after 1995) use their smartphones 15.4 hours each week, so are most likely to consume news via their mobile device.

This age group is most likely to be drawn to news articles that contain celebrities or influencers.

Their news sources must be easy to digest, as they have a record short attention span compared to past generations, with as many as 11% of them having ADHD.

This age group actively avoids ads, and are the biggest adopters of ad blocking software. They also consume very little television.

Over half of them find the online space, including social apps to be a more creative space than the offline world.

Snapchat is the top preferred digital creative tool of Gen Zers, with nearly a third (35%) ranking it highest, over YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

Other favorite creative tools are Instagram (29%), Photoshop (23%), iMovie (12%) and VSCO (8%).

Offline creative activity is popular with 77% noting they spend some offline free time engaged in creative activities including drawing, illustrating and journaling.

The top primary news sources of this age group are social media,
specifically Instagram (29%), You Tube (22%), and Facebook (15%).

Only 8% read national newspapers (for example, the New York Times, Washington Post, and USA Today), and only 10% watch broadcast or cable news.

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