Research Outline

Mortgage Lenders and Borrowers' Persona


Obtain details on the marketing persona of bank lenders with regard to their personality within the workplace, personal goals within their company, feelings regarding the application process, feelings regarding adopting new technology/methods, their goals, obstacles, or other unique traits. Determine also the marketing persona of a typical mortgage borrower with regard to their personality traits,
feelings regarding the process of applying for a mortgage, feelings regarding the process of collecting documents for a mortgage, feelings regarding security and providing sensitive information over an app, distinguishing characteristics, deterrents from following through in a call to action when they're confronted with ads, and goals. The research will be used to develop three marketing persona details that can help in formulating branding standards, messaging guidelines, some UX/UI principles, and advertising messaging.

Early Findings

Mortgage Lenders and Borrowers' Persona

Bank Manager Persona

  • According to a bank director, there is a major brand positioning issue in the financial services industry as it is being perceived as having a culture of fear and greed.
  • A bank leader also mentioned that banks need to find a better way to convey their part in helping the economy and the community.
  • A bank leader also predicted that there will soon be a major digital transformation in their industry that will be unprecedented in the coming years. With this, the industry is also expecting that they will have lesser number of personnel with very different skillsets.
  • However, some bank leaders were not sold on the notion that having more automation will decrease the number of employees in their field.

Mortgage Borrower Persona

Summary of Findings

Our one hour of research provided some aspects of the general persona details of bank managers and mortgage borrowers.