Holiday Season: Weekend vs Weekday Shopping


To obtain information about the number of people who shop on the weekend versus on weekdays during the holiday season.

Early Findings

The Holiday Season

  • Sesnormatic Solutions found that the busiest days for in-store traffic during the holiday season for 2019 were: Black Friday, Super Saturday (i.e. the Saturday before Christmas), Monday before Christmas, Sunday before Christmas, two Saturdays before Christmas, the Saturday after Black Friday, Boxing Day (the day after Christmas), the Saturday after Christmas, the Friday after Christmas and the first Saturday in December. 46.5% of overall in in-store traffic for 2019, was attributed to these 10 days.
  • The new customers for retailers during the holiday season accounted for 81% of the total customers and they were also responsible for 52% of the total holiday spend. On the other hand, active customers only made up 9% of the total customers and 32% of the total holiday spend.

Thanksgiving — Thursday

  • On Thanksgiving, there was a 0.8% decrease in in-store traffic.

Black Friday

Cyber Monday

  • There was a 0.5% increase in in-store traffic on Cyber Monday.
  • 73% of customers that made online retail purchases during Cyber Week (i.e. the Sunday before Cyber Monday and Cyber Monday, as defined by Button), were new customers.


  • We were unable to find the specific figures for the number of percentage of people who shopped on the weekend versus weekdays during the holiday season in our one hour of research.
  • However, we were able to find some useful statistics about consumers' shopping behavior for holidays in the week and on the weekend such as Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday which in this case, includes the Sunday before Cyber Monday.

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