Ad Spend Forecasts - Canada


To gain an insight on the forecasts for 2020 on advertising spend in Canada.

Early Findings

  • eMarketer found that companies are predicted to spend C$8.80 billion on digital ads, which is 53.5% of total ad spending. Total ad spend is predicted to be C$16.43 billion.
  • 2020's predicted total ad spend is C$17.46 billion, of which C$9.9 billion will be on digital. The total ad spend represents a growth of 6.3%. Digital ad growth is calculated as 12.5%.
  • Mobile ad spending is predicted to grow 33.7%, while video will grow 23.3%.
  • The full report from eMarketer would have more granular data on exact market sizes for each segment.
  • Another report from Dentsu Aegis Network has similar data, showing digital will be more than 50% of the market this year, more than double TV's 24% segmentation share.
  • 70% of digital ad spending is through mobile in Canada.
  • TV ad spend is predicted to grow by only 1% in 2019 and 2020, down from 3% growth in 2018.
  • Newspaper spending dropped 19% last year, but it is expected to also grow 1% in 2019 and 2020.
  • Radio spending grew 10% but is predicted to remain flat.
  • OOH grew 10% in 2018, and it will have 10% and 7% growth in 2019 and 2020, respectively.
  • Statista reports that ad spending in 2019 broke down as such: Pay TV US$1.2 billion, Free-to-air TV US$1.7 billion, online TV US$175 million, radio US$1.5 billion, newspapers US$1.4 billion, magazines US$150 million, OOH US$665 million and digital US$8.3 billion.
  • Converting these to Canadian dollars would be: Pay TV C$1.6 billion, Free-to-air TV C$2.26 billion, online TV C$233 million, radio C$2 billion, newspapers C$1.87 billion, magazines C$200 million, OOH C$886 million and digital C$11.1 billion.
  • Using the growth rates supplied by Dentsu Aegis Network, we can compute some 2020 values: TV (all added together) C$4.13 billion, newspaper C$1.89 billion, radio C$2billion (no growth), OOH C$948 million and digital C$12.49 billion.
  • There are some discrepancies in market sizes due to using different market research reports, each of which will have their own methodologies for calculation.


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