AI Policy/Strategy Articles


To identify three top quality news articles on each of the listed 50 countries covering their AI strategy/policy.

Early Findings

The attached spreadsheet has the list of 50 countries along with the links for the top articles covering the latest AI strategy/policy of the particular country.

Note: In certain cases where the latest strategy of the country has been more than 6 months old, we have taken that into consideration as well.

Proposed next steps:

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As the initial research only covered the articles for four countries, we can continue with the research to identify the top articles on AI strategy/policy by rest of the countries on the list. We could also include additional information like date of implementation of the strategy and basic details about it within the spreadsheet.
We can also identify major 3-4 major challenges countries are facing while implementing or devising the AI policies. This could be done by citing research papers or articles as examples.