Research Outline

5 biggest Competitors of Survey Monkey Apply


To obtain a list of five most prominent competitors of Survey Monkey Apply, and how they compare to Survey Monkey Apply.

Early Findings

  • Some top competitors to Survey Monkey Apply by price include ICARIS, SmartGrant, OmniGrants, GO Smart, and eCivis.
  • According to TrustRadius, top alternatives to Survey Monkey Apply include WizeHive, Novi Survey, and Submittable, among others.
  • Source Forge list of Survey Monkey alternatives include WizeHive, Submittable, SmarterSelect, Scholar United, Civicore, Evalato, And Academic Works, among others.
  • Some of WizeHive’s features include grant management, scholarship management, internship and fellowship management, and customer management.
  • Some WizeHive’s popular integrations include Salesforce, acuity scheduling, Google Drive, PayPal, and Trello.
  • Some of OmniGrants’ advantages over its competitors (such as Survey Monkey Apply) include advanced reporting feature, superior relationship management, effortless compliance, offline forms capability, and the fat that it integrates with external services and systems.

Summary of Findings

  • Preliminary research points to a wealth of information on the alternatives to Survey Monkey Apply.
  • As such, further research is required to compile the comparisons as needed.
  • Please choose one or more of the proposed next steps in the scoping section below.