Research Outline

Special Needs Tutoring Market


To inform personal decision-making by identifying the top 10-15 online and/or in-person academic tutoring services for K-12 students with special needs in Southern California or the US, including the types of students supported by each program, the different learning approaches offered, the number of students served/enrolled, the format of teaching (online only, in-person only, etc.), pricing and market share. In parallel, to determine the market size and CAGR of the special needs tutoring industry.

Early Findings

Special Needs Tutoring Providers

  • The first hour of research indicates that pre-compiled information about K-12 academic tutoring services for children with special needs is limited.
  • However, the research team identified the following in-person special education tutoring centers in California:
    • An inventory of statewide California tutoring services for students with special needs. Notably, this inventory includes 20 Lindamood-Bell Learning Centers, 4 Pride Learning Centers, 7 Learning RX Brain Training Centers, Peninsula Educational Services, the Fusion Academy, Lakeside Reading, Edpact, The Reading Clinic, Active Reading Clinic, East Bay Dyslexia Solutions and Summit Reading Center.
    • Huntington Learning Center, an in-person tutoring center with locations in California that offers tutoring services for children with special needs.
    • Overall, it appears that Lindamood-Bell Learning Center, Pride Learning Center, Learning RX Brain Training Center and Huntington Learning Center offer the greatest number of locations in the California area.
  • Additionally, the research team located several online services that provide tutoring to children with special needs:
    •, an online tutoring service that matches children with learning disabilities with appropriate tutors.
    • Five apps (My PlayHome, LetMeTalk, Tales2Go, Math Drills, The Anti-Coloring Book App) that facilitate the education process for students with special needs.

US Tutoring Market Size

  • Initial research suggests that there is no directly compiled, publicly available information about the current size and growth rate of the special education tutoring industry.

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