Accounting Software Influencers


In order to identify trending topics in the accounting software industry, identify some top influencers in the accounting space, focusing on those specializing in taxes and business bookkeeping. For each influencer, provide their number of followers by platform, a brief bio, and their topics of expertise.

Early Findings

Utilizing the Accounting Web Accounting Top 100, the following people were identified as some of the top accounting influencers.

Gene Marks

  • Gene Marks writes regularly about business accounting, the economy, public policy and workplace issues for multiple newspapers, including The Guardian, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Hill, Forbes Magazine, Inc Magazine., Entrepreneur Magazine, The New York Times, The Washington Post and more.
  • Marks is a CPA and former Senior Manager at KPMG. He currently runs a small consulting firm in Philadelphia.
  • He also regularly does speaking engagements for business groups, and has written six books including In God We Trust, Everyone Else Pays Cash and The Small Business Book of Lists, all focusing on business management.
  • Marks has 8,244 followers on Twitter and 76.6 thousand followers on Twitter. He has his own website and has 500,933 followers on Facebook.

Kelly Phillips Erb

  • Kelly Phillips Erb is a tax lawyer who previously wrote a column for Forbes. She also has her own blog.
  • She is currently a managing shareholder at The Erb Law Firm, P.C.
  • She also published four books in conjunction with Forbes, including "100 Things You Need To Know About Money." She has also written for Trulia, Reuters, Time, and AOL’s WalletPop, and has appeared on media outlets Esquire, National Public Radio’s Marketplace, CBS Radio’s Marketwatch, BBC, Inc., and the Philadelphia Inquirer.
  • Erb focuses on tax law for businesses and families, with an emphasis on international compliance issues.
  • She has 4,179 followers on LinkedIn, 13,868 followers on Facebook, and 40.8 thousand followers on Twitter.

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