Acquisition branding


To have at least 12 total examples of non-US companies acquiring a US-based company, organised by how they approached the branding and identity.

Early Findings

Acquisition examples

  • AGC Singapore acquired Black Box Corp., a $600 million technology solutions provider in Pittsburgh, in 2018. The purchase price was about $16.3 million. However, in this case it was a US subsidiary of AGC that made the acquisition, so this example doesn't meet the criteria.
  • In 2015, Irish company Actavis acquired US company Allergan. Actavis adopted Allergen as its new global name. It re-designed the logo, and the US and Canada retained the Activis name. Overall this company seems to fit most into bucket 4.
  • The purchase by Bayer of Monsanto is a well known acquisition of a German company acquiring a US company. In this case, the Monsanto name was gotton rid of, so this most closely fits bucket 3.
  • In 2015, British American Tobacco acquired R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.
  • In 2016 Israel's Teva Pharmaceutical Industries acquired the US's Actavis Generics. Teva changed the Actavis name and its website to "Teva". This case seems to fit into bucket 3.
  • The London Stock Exchange is buying Refinitiv, a data provider. So far, it isn't clear yet how the branding and identity will work.
  • In 2013, Japans Softbank acquired US telecommunications company, Sprint Corporation

M&A lists

  • In order to find M&As that involve a foreign company acquring a US-based company, we compiled a range of lists, including top lists (most amount of money involved) and lists of technology acquisitions. Unfortunately, no lists include the companies' countries, nor the branding and identity type information, so finding 12 that meet the criteria involves checking the items on these lists one by one.
  • Lists include: Top 100 acquisitions of 2018, top data center mergers, the most signficant tech acquisitions in 2018, and the biggest tech mergers of all time.
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