Acura Buyer Perception


To find information on buyer perceptions for Acura. Information to be searched for includes what drives the buyers? , what other cars buyers consider? , what are the strongest calls to action Acura has that buyers are interested in? , and a profile of who the Acura buyer is.

Early Findings


  • There exists demographic data for the buyers of various Acura vehicle models. Two examples follow below:


  • The buyers of the Acura RDX SUV are most likely to be married couples in their early 30s that have an annual household income of more than $125,000.
  • The buyers of the RDX generally do not have children or are looking to start families. They are also spirited, open-minded, tech-savvy individuals who are image-and fashion-conscious, and are looking for a vehicle that fits their lifestyle.

Acura ILX Sedan

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