Acura Buyer Perception


To understand the buyer profile (demographics and psychographics) of Acura in the US, preferably in the PNW area.

Early Findings

While we were unable to find demographic and psychographic information relating to Acura buyers in the Pacific Northwest region specifically, we were able to find information relating to the buyers of Acura cars in in the US overall, depending on the model purchased.

Market Overview

  • According to Autoguide, the most popular models of Acura, the luxury division of Honda Motors include the MDX and RDX crossovers. Other Acuras include the ILX and TLX sedans, and its flagship, the RLX.
  • The official website of Acura stats that the MDX continues to be the leader within the mid-premium CUV category in the US. This is the best selling Acura model in the past few years and accounts for approximately one-third of all the Acura vehicles sold.
  • The Acura ILX operates in the near-premium category and is a gateway to the Acura brand. The global market growth rate in the near-premium segment is expected to be at 17.3%, higher than any other premium category.

Acura Demographics

  • The primary Acura MDX buyer is a female, 30-45 years old, married with children, is an employed professional with who is a college graduate or above, with a household income above $175,000.
  • The primary Acura ILX buyer is a female, under 35, with no children, lives in the city, and has a household income of $89,000.
  • The primary Acura RDX buyer is in their early 30s, married with 1 child or none and is getting ready to start a family, and has a household income of more than $125,000.
  • The primary Acura TLX buyer is male, in their mid to late 30s, married, a rising professional, with a household income of around $110,000-$140,000.
  • The primary Acura RLX buyer is male, in their late 40s, married, successful professionals, and upscale with a household income of around $200,000.

Acura Psychographics

  • Acura MDX buyers mostly include mothers of a young family, a busy individual who gives equal weight to her career, home life, and social life.
  • MDX buyers are early adopters who need to discover new products, ideas, and events ahead of the crowd. They seek the latest technology.
  • Acura ILX buyers are usually "successful 30-somethings moving into the luxury car ranks and looking for a high-value proposition." They have a youthful mindset and lifestyle, and now open to adult values. These buyers are youthful but mature.
  • ILX buyers value style, quality, performance, efficiency and are environmentally conscious.
  • Acura RDX buyers are "spirited, open-minded, tech-savvy individuals who are image/fashion-conscious, and are looking for a vehicle that fits their lifestyle."
  • Acura TLX buyers value adventure and risk-taking and are likely to be sports and outdoor enthusiasts. Not afraid to think differently or stand apart from the crowd. "They crave experiences vs. status, stories vs. badges, and adrenaline vs. power."
  • Acura RLX buyers are self-made individualists, and seek out products and experiences that reflect their independent way of thinking. They are not concerned with brands or other people's perceptions. They have worked hard to achieve success and do not fall into the traditional luxury buyer profile.

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