Research Outline

Addiction Resources


To continue building a list of resources for addiction, with a specific focus on finding sources aimed at supporting family who are helping their loved ones to recover. For each resource identified, provide a link to it and an overview of the types of support and services offered.

Early Findings


  • Al-anon is a global support network that provides support to family members and friends of addicts, specifically alcoholics. They offer global support group meetings, publications, and public outreach.

Addiction Education Society

  • The Addiction Education Society has publications geared towards those helping an addict. They also offer resources for teens to recognize and talk about addiction with their peers, as well as for educators to recognize and teach about addiction with their students.


  • Nar-Anon Family Groups is a global 12-step program for friends and loved ones of addicts, specifically drug addicts. They offer support groups, publications, and events.

Parents of Addicted Loved Ones

  • PAL Groups provides support for parents, spouses and other loved ones of addicts in the form of support groups, publications, and public outreach.

Sober Families