Research Outline



A psychographic profile of CONFIRMED and SNKRS app users in the US, to include their interests and habits, as well as, key differences between these users.

Early Findings


  • CONFIRMED by Adidas offers users access to exclusive product releases, "never-before-seen content and elevated storytelling."
  • Only available to US consumers, the app focuses on getting sneaker lovers fair and quick access to highly desirable Adidas products.
  • It targets consumers who want a personalized digital experience when shopping for sneakers.
  • The app is geared towards the drop dates of exclusive products. Its main aim is to ensure that "sneaker heads never miss a drop."
  • CONFIRMED mainly targets young men.


  • Nike launched its SNKRS app the same week Adidas' CONFIRMED app was released.
  • The app was created for sneaker heads, specifically those interested in limited shoe series and special products like its basketball series.
  • SNKRS also focuses on offering users a personalized digital experience
  • The main way SNKRS differs from CONFIRMED is that it allows users to shop anytime, not only on product release dates.
  • Nike reported in 2019 that SNKRS has become its latest way to "game supply and demand of hyped products."
  • Nike recently unveiled plans to target more women by launching apparel and items for this demographic.
  • Surprisingly, a significant share of SNKRS app users in areas like New York City "live in Dominican-based neighborhoods." Armed with this data, Nike recently released an ad campaign for a shoe called De Lo Mio Air Force 1, which targets Dominicans. The shoe instantly sold out.


  • The first hour of research was spent highlighting any differences between CONFIRMED and SNKRS app users. Both Nike and Adidas target sneaker heads with these apps. However, while Nike is targeting a diverse demographic - as evidenced by the fact that it markets to women and Dominicans in the US, Adidas has remained focused on men who are sneaker head.
  • Both Nike and Adidas have not released any data on who exactly uses their CONFIRMED and SNKRS app and the non-sneakers related interests/habits of these users. This information has also not been provided by publications.
  • In order to create a psychographic profile of CONFIRMED and SNKRS app users or understand their behaviors, the research team needs to create a demographic profile first.