Research Proposal

Adoption of Socially Responsible Innovation Strategies


To write an article by obtaining a list of 10 large corporations that have benefitted from recently adopting socially responsible innovation strategies. Also, to obtain research on reasons why companies need to adopt socially responsible innovation strategies.

Early Findings

  • LEGO recently became dedicated to making a social impact. This adoption of social responsibility in its strategies was due to a Greenpeace video in 2014 that put pressure on the toy manufacturer to end its "50-year partnership with Shell Global due to their plans to drill in the Arctic".
  • LEGO's efforts have earned it a high ranking (second position) on RepTrak 100, which provides a list of "the most highly-regarded companies in the world".
  • Levi Strauss is another example of a large corporation that has recently become socially responsible. Levi Strauss has been producing jeans since 1873.
  • In recent years, Levi has become committed to reducing the volume of water used in producing these jeans.
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