Research Outline

Pyschographic Profile of Female Adult Diaper Consumers


Provide the psychographic profiles of the female consumers of all the product lines of Always Discreet, Always Discreet Boutique, and Depend. Include their general habits, hobbies, values, lifestyles, attitudes, spending habits, reading habits, and media consumption habits based on available information.

Early Findings

Always Discreet

  • Always Discreet has run several recent ads on Cooking Channel and placed direct ads on the Sam's Club website, suggesting that their clients typically watch TV on this channel and shop at Sams Club.
  • Brand Manager Karen Knight says that 77% of women say that wearing bladder leak underwear makes them feel older than they would like to feel, which is why Always Discreet's 2017 line of underwear aimed to change perceptions of bladder leak protection.

Always Discreet Boutique

  • Shoppers tend to rush through the adult diapers section in stores, so P&G partnered with fashion designers to create a product and packaging that featured an easy-to-read, fashionable, and attractive design.
  • Always Discreet Boutique commercials have recently aired on MSNBC and BET.


  • Poise, another brand by Kimberly-Clark, and Depend are among the most innovative of the market leaders for adult diapers.
  • The Poise brand is aimed at younger women who struggle with incontinence after having children.
  • Fiona Tomlin, leader of Kimberly-Clark’s adult and feminine care division, says that many people with incontinence hide the fact from their loved ones.
  • Depend advertisements have recently aired on the Hallmark Movies & Mystery channel and VH1, and have messaging that centers on women maintaining control over their aging bodies.
  • Poise commercials have recently aired on BET Her and E!.

Other Relevant Insights

  • Only half of the more than 400 million adults likely to be affected by weak bladders are buying the right products because they are too embarrassed.