Advanced Technology Use in Agriculture


Obtain insights on the use of advanced technology in the fruit-farming industry, with focus on pineapples.

Early Findings

Advanced Technology Use in Agriculture

  • In Indonesia, various technologies were integrated to optimize the use of resources in pineapple fields.
  • The country's horticulture industry embraced the "Agricultural 4.0 technology."
  • As one of the bastion of Industrial Revolution 4.0, technologies such as artificial intelligence can boost time efficiency and lower the occurrence of human error compared to previously applied ways.
  • Studies on AI application in the field led to the development of a web-powered AI application that can be deployed to do a real-time count of pineapple fruits on a vast plantation.
  • The accurate information from this technology is expected to result in an optimized way of using water, fertilizers, pest control substances, and packing materials in the pineapple plantations.
  • Augmented reality is now being explored to enable early plant disease diagnosis in all types of plants.
  • The technology is also being used to understand the pollination process to make it more optimal for all types of plants.

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research shows how agriculture technology and precision farming were used to improve the processes in pineapple plantations. Given that there are available resources on this, we propose to continue with the research to provide 2-3 additional case studies that show how agriculture technology or precision farming can be applied to increase crop yield, maintain fruit quality, and reduce variations in fruit-bearing trees. We will focus our research on pineapple plantations around the world.
We also recommend undertaking additional research to provide 2-3 additional examples of advanced technology from any industry that can be applied to the agriculture industry to improve the quality and productivity of fruit-bearing trees. We will focus first on pineapple plantations and expand as needed to other fruits.