Advertising Agency Summer Internships


To find the details of advertising agencies' summer internship programs.

Early Findings

  • BusinessInsider has a list, albeit slightly outdated, of the 'best' advertising internships in the country. This list was used as a starting point for finding summer internship programs specifically for ad agencies.
  • Of these, EP+Co., The Richards Group, Hill Holiday and CPB still seem to run internships, though not many details were available.
  • One main obstacle is that the 2019 summer intern recruitment season has passed, so most job ads are no longer available to dig into the finer details of the internships offered by major agencies.
  • Our research dug through many of the top advertising agencies in the country to try to information about summer internships. Another potential source was job boards, but most of the listings here were for marketing/advertising positions within other types of companies (not ad agencies).
  • It does seem that most internships offered are paid hourly, albeit at a lower rate.
  • One ad still remaining online for 360i shows that their internship program opened for applications in early March, closing a mere 2 weeks later. Interviews were scheduled to be conducted 1 month later, so presumably applicants were informed in that time period. The internship was 10 weeks long, from early June through early August. Interns worked across multiple departments and are grouped into teams, with a light, internal competition at the end.
  • An internship for Sells Agency is more specific in that students are assigned to their specialty area. These interns would have worked between early June and late July and were paid a flat amount of $800.

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