Advertising Agency Website Design


To obtain perspectives on compelling advertising agency website design and user experience, specifically for the following audiences: i) chief marketing officers, marketing teams, or search consultants ii) all prospective employees, and iii) prospective creative talent.

Early Findings

  • According to an analysis done by Ben Davis and Lizzy Hillier on top ad agency websites, Made by Many was identified as one of the outstanding websites that had a clean-cut design with "rounded abstract shapes (some of which are subtly animated)".
  • Also, the site's conversational copy makes Made by Many look warm and friendly. Another unique feature of this agency's website is its newsletter sign-up option.
  • In attracting prospective talent, Made by Many uses a "social-style notification in the header menu" to alert its website visitors at the job vacancies section.
  • Stink Studios has a website that exudes a similar "kind of cool you get from those infrequently-published fashion magazines you see in the newsagents with titles such as ‘The Gentlewoman’ or ‘sum zine’". This website looks nice even when all images have not fully loaded.
  • Be Heard is another exemplary ad agency website that exudes confidence. The agency does this by using harsh lines and images that are tightly packed on its website.
  • Be Heard's homepage is full of personality. This homepage contains handwriting and portraits of individual employees who showcase their latest projects.

Proposed next steps:

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