Aerospace Industry Research - Materials


To obtain information about the production demand (in tonnes) for carbon, fiberglass, and aramids for the aerospace industry in South Carolina. Also, to obtain the same information for the United States.

Early Findings

  • As of June 1, 2018, Teijin launched a carbon fiber plant in Greenwood, South Carolina, worth $600 million.
  • According to Chemical & Engineering News, South Carolina "seems like a great place for carbon fiber producers to do business".
  • Prior to Teijin's carbon fiber plant, Toray Industries began work on a plant in Spartanburg worth $1.4 billion.
  • Also, Solvay, a company that had been manufacturing carbon fiber in Greenville, expanded its operations in 2016.
  • Consultants have attributed the unusual buildup of carbon fiber in South Carolina to the business-friendly policies, moderate energy costs, and low taxes in the state.
  • Toshiya Koyama, the executive officer of Teijin, mentioned that carbon fiber is a core business for Teijin. By building this new facility, the company aims to grow its business footprint in the United States.
  • This facility is also intended to become a global hub for carbon fiber in the aerospace and automotive industries.

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