Affordable Home Investing (3)


To obtain information about Muji, Toyota, and BMW Group and determine other large players who are heavily investing in affordable housing in Europe.

Early Findings

Additional information for companies investing in affordable housing can be found in rows 13 — 18 in this spreadsheet.

Affordable housing investors

  • Muji is making strides in providing affordable prefabricated housing solutions, Yō no le (“Plain House”), especially for seniors. The company is based in Japan but already has 500 stores in New York. Yō no le is not available in countries outside of Japan but in New York, similar small designs are used to create " smaller lots in urban settings and rise vertically" and to provide options for businesses, minimalists and other consumers who might be interested in tiny houses.
  • Toyota has been investing in the Ypsilanti community by partnering with Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley for over 11 years, to "provide affordable homeownership for low-income families and individuals". In 2018, the company invested $500,000 as well as over 19,400 employee hours in voluntary service, to help to renovate 18 houses and assist 1,000 existing homeowners.
  • In 2016, the BMW Group invested $70,000 to assist a single mother with two children, in building a fully funded new home by partnering with Habitat for Humanity. The company also offered three months of voluntary service to assist in building the house.

Additional affordable housing investors in Europe

  • The Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) invested €230 million to promote rented social housing.
  • NRW.BANK invested €5.0 million to assist middle-income earners to have their own home.
  • The European Investment Bank (EIB) invested €300 million residential properties in Sweden amounting to 3,300 affordable homes for rent.

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