African and Asian Country Demographics and Data


To obtain and understand various data points - such as demographics, population, income distribution, nationality distribution, and ARPU - of Kuwait, Algeria, Bahrain, Tunisia, and Egypt.

Early Findings


  • Kuwait has a population of 4,255,171 people, and is about 17,818 sq. km. in size.
  • The primary language spoken in Kuwait is Arabic.
  • The country's population includes primarily people of Asian descent (40.3%), though other ethnic backgrounds in the area include Kuwaiti (30.4%), Arabic (27.4%), African (1%), and other (.9%).



  • Bahrain has a population of 1,646,524 people.
  • Bahrain occupies about 620 sq. km. of space, spread across 33 islands (only six of which are inhabited).
  • While the official language in Bahrain is Arabic, residents also speak English, Farsi, and Urdu.
  • The primary ethnic groups in Bahrain include Bahraini at 46%, Asian at 45.5%, other Arab at 4.7%, African at 1.6%, European at 1%, and "other" at 1.2%.



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