Aftermarket mobile industrial machine hydraulic components


To find the percentage of the total mobile industrial machine hydraulic components industry that aftermarket parts comprise.

Early Findings

  • Parker's annual report does not report aftermarket sales as a percentage or amount compared to its total hydraulic components sales.
  • The annual report for Eaton only has aftermarket sales for its aerospace division, not hydraulics. For information, this section comprised 42.8%.
  • Rexroth is a Bosch company, so while some financial data is reported for this division, there is no breakdown of the aftermarket mobile hydraulics segment.
  • KYB also does not report aftermarket sales separately.
  • Kawasaki is a large company with many divisions. Hydraulic machinery is reported as part of the larger "precision machinery" section. No segmentation between aftermarket components and total sales is provided.
  • Swanson Industries is a private company and therefore does not disclose their financial details.
  • Large market research reports, like that from Global Industry Analysis, does report on the mobile components segment but does not appear to have collated data on aftermarket sales.
  • The total market size for hydraulic components is projected to reach $49.1 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 5.4%. Mobile components will be a smaller segment of that figure.
  • Bolster your final deliverable with proprietary research from Frost & Sullivan for an additional $4,950. This research was unfortunately the most affordable we could find that could contain robust information about aftermarket sales.
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