Research Proposal

Agile Marketing Best Practices


To outline the best ways and reasons to apply agile marketing techniques to help a business refocus especially during a crisis or uncertainty.

Early Findings

Outline a Framework

  • An agile framework is important as it provides strategies that can be used to set goals for a specific project, which may include regrouping current tactics to align with giving customers value for their money.
  • An agile business framework also guarantees continuous improvement as it is insistent on planning, building, and transferring based on data collected regarding the performance of the business.

Marketing Process

  • Through an agile marketing process, a business can experience continuous improvement by setting up relevant, achievable, and specific goals through putting up a turnaround time as to when these goals are expected to be achieved. For these goals to work, they must be prioritized in order of their urgency and revisited regularly.
  • The agile marketing process is also keen on key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be tested and adjusted in the subsequent iteration.

Response to Change

  • Agile marketing is important as it provides proactive measures in case of a recession. Marketing organizations are forced to adjust or change the way they work, in readiness of harsh economic times.
  • Businesses that can adapt can survive and this is dependent on the speed and flexibility of a business to respond faster to change in the event of a recession.
  • Agile marketing, therefore, provides a competitive edge for marketing teams when conditions change drastically, as marketers can accelerate the test in good time.

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