AI-Driven Generative Art: Key Players


  • The goal of this research is to identify additional key players and the art piece created in the AI-driven generative art market, to further understand the competitive landscape of this category.

Early Findings

Artist: Helena Sarin

  • This artist uses Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) to create her art pieces.

Artist: Gene Kogan

  • This artist uses software, generative systems, and computer science in his art and teachings.
  • Project: "Invisible cities"

Artist: Mike Tyka

Artist: David Young

Artist: Robbie Barrat

Artist: James Bridle

Artist: Jenna Sutela

  • This artist is an existentialist who uses slime other materials to advance controversial theories.

Artist: Hito Steyerl

  • This artist focuses on how technology impacts society, with her pieces developed from a philosophical perspective.
  • Project:Drill

Artist: Ian Cheng

Artist: Anna Ridler

Artist: Tom White

Artist: Ahmed Elgammal

Artist: Daniel Ambrosi

Artist: Pindar Van Arman

  • This artist develops his art by teaching robots to paint, using AI and 3D printing, as well as robotic arms.
  • Project: "Autonymous"

Summary of Additional One-Hour of Research Relevant To The Goal

  • Our additional hour of research identified 14 additional key players in the AI-driven art market. We provided their approach to their artwork, and at least one project, with links, for each artist.
  • As mentioned in early research, we are unable to access your linked document, so have provided the information in a bulleted list below.
  • Further research is recommended below.

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