AI in Call Centers


The goal is to find out what the different uses of artificial intelligence in call centers is by looking at companies that have used this technology.

Early Findings

  • The global AI call center market is currently at $800 million and is expected to jump to $2.8 billion by 2024.
  • AI can be used in call centers to answer FAQs that are normally repeated many times per day by agents, as well as directing people to the correct department without having to transfer them around.
  • Voice recognition data is being used to determine a customer's mood and sentiment and let the agent know behind the scenes. This lessens the chance of a call agent misreading a customer's tone of voice, and also helps companies track customer sentiment over time.
  • Outgoing call centers are using AI smart-dialers to determine what times of day are best to reach specific types of customers.
  • Predictive analysis is used to predict the upcoming call volume and record volume data so centers can staff the needed amount of employees at different times.
  • AI is also being used to detect keywords and topics in a conversation and suggest various responses to call center agents.

Proposed next steps:

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