AI in digital marketing


To have case studies that demonstrate how AI and machine learning are being used in digital marketing, and for Google AdWords in order to help a client with their digital marketing.

Early Findings

In general: 2019 trends in AI use in digital marketing

  • Personalization and precision marketing is becoming the norm
  • Using AI to aggregate information about customer beliefs and culture, then using that info to go viral by generating controversy
  • Making quick marketing adjustments based on real-time data

Case studies of AI and machine learning use in digital marketing

  • Dell partnered with Persado in 2016 to use machine learning to optimize the language of its marketing emails.
  • Following that initial campaign, Dell now uses AI to improve the marketing copy of their promotional and lifecycle emails, Facebook ads, and display banners,.
  • Sky has used Adobe’s Sensei platform to use AI to optimize email send times for each recipient. The platform can also estimates the likelihood of interaction based on customer profile.
  • Virgin has used AI to optimize its email subject lines
  • Trendyol, a Turkey-based company, used AI in its email campaigning to sort messages by relevance to particular customers. "It also created an offer for a football jersey using the platform’s ‘Liveimage’ tool, superimposing the recipient’s name on the back to ramp up personalisation."models and data deets on case studies
  • The Adobe Sensei platform uses AI for digital marketing in three key ways: for creative intelligence (eg cropping images to fit a variety of screens), experience intelligence (delivering to the customer based on what they want), and content intelligence.

AI and Google AdWords

  • Skalium is a platform that is focused on using AI to optimize Google Ads results.
  • In one case study they provide, for a construction company, they say they used AI to reduce the cost per click of ads. They also generated an advertising campaign to get customers to buy directly from the company website.

AI models and availability of information

  • We found that there is an abundance of case studies, and that they are often published by the AI and digital marketing platforms themselves, and by marketing and tech websites. Given that, publicly available information focuses on goals, outcomes, and the kind of data leveraged. Our research suggests there is less to no information on the sorts of AI models individual companies are using, and on how the different platforms and agencies are making those models.
  • For example, Persado, in describing its AI use, notes that it "breaks down marketing creative into its critical elements: narrative, emotion, descriptions, calls-to-action, formatting, and word positioning."
  • Persado makes use of an AI-powered "knowledgebase" of more than "1 million tagged and scored words, phrases, and images in 25 languages."
  • Their tech is the product of six years of proprietary research into linguistic science and emotions, they say.
  • Even an indepth interview with a Persado rep provides only quite superficial information about how their AI model was created and works.

Research proposal:

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