Research Outline

AIOps Competitive Analysis


To provide a competitive analysis of AIOps providing monitoring tools for data centers, including Dynatrace, Cisco, PRTG Network Monitor, Zabbix, OpsView, ServiceNow, Solarwinds,, Splunk, PICO, Kentik, and New Relic. We will focus on the network monitoring and services layer of their data centers, while the price comparison of their tool pivoting on modules that monitor the services and network layers. For each player, we will provide the company profile, website, mission, size, products & services, key competitive advantage, business reputation, target market, market share, marketing strategy, business model, pricing, quality, main clients, strengths, weaknesses, do they use AI (Yes/No), do they provide anomaly prediction (yes/no), do they provide root cause analysis (yes/no), do they identify anomalies in real-time (yes/no) - as opposed to identifying anomalies after they have occurred through analysis of system logs, and additional insights (e.g., M&A activities, future product launches that could be competitive, and funding). We will also provide a list of other relevant competitors in the space for further assessment. An ideal response will be a foot-noted spreadsheet (with similar templates like Prototype 1 and 2) containing the required information from recent sources (prioritizing information from the past 24 months).

Early Findings

The required information about AIOps companies providing monitoring tools for data centers is contained in the attached spreadsheet.


Please note that we have added a row for the various companies' revenue, as this data point is vital in calculating each player's market share. There is also a need to obtain the market size for the United States monitoring tools for data centers as the value is needed to calculate each player's market share.