Air Masks: Competitive Landscape


To obtain a competitive landscape of the following air mask brands: Airinum, Airmotion, Airpop, Rpur, and MEO Air. Details provided should include their business models, branding and marketing approaches, success in the industry so far, and their overall position in the market.

Early Findings


  • Headquartered in Sweden, Airinum is working towards tackling air pollution globally, by providing "high-quality breathing masks for urban and health conscious individuals".
  • Founded in 2015, the company has raised total funding of $1.7 million.
  • In 2018, Airinum won the Gold prize in the Fashion Design category at the 11th International Design Awards (IDA).



  • Founded by Chris Hosmer, Airpop is a Chinese company that specializes in making face masks. The company positions itself as a brand that designs high-quality masks that fit on East Asian faces.
  • After observing that many masks in China "are designed for Caucasian faces and often don’t actually seal properly [on Chinese faces], the company decided to address this problem. It has earned a reputation as the first company to manufacture masks that conform to the headforms of Asians.

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