Airbnb - Purchasing Power


To provide relevant insights regarding the purchasing power of Airbnb guests in the US. Specifically, we will provide information relating to the average amount of money they spend at restaurants and on extra products/services provided at the host's home.

Early Findings

  • Airbnb guests in the United States spent a total of US$7.6 billion at restaurants and cafes in 2018.
  • On average, Airbnb guests in the United States spend $50 to $90 during their trip to restaurants, and 42% of their spending occurs in the neighborhood where they stay.
  • Information relating to the total amount of money Airbnb guests spend on products they find at a host's home is currently unavailable. We were unable to find any credible source that details this figure. This may be because Airbnb discourages guests from paying outside the platform.
  • Airbnb advises clients to stay protected by channeling all payments through its secure platform throughout the entire process—from communication to booking and payment.
  • Considering the service does not offer any additional charges except cleaning and extra guest fees, any extra transaction between hosts and guests falls outside the control of the platform and is not typically captured by Airbnb.
  • Airbnb hosts typically provide the following extra services: bicycle rental, tours, airport pickup/dropoff, extra cleaning, tickets to events, and cooked meals. However, all these services are provided and purchased at the discretion of the guests and hosts, and there are no current estimates that detail the size of these transactions.

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