Airline passenger figures


To gain passenger figures for select routes and airlines for 2018.

Early Findings

  • BITRE has total Australian passengers to/from LAX and then Virgin Australia's passengers to/from the USA as a whole. In 2018, there were 223,894 inbound passengers flying Virgin Australia from the US and 226,947 outbound passengers.
  • Virgin Australia had 6.2% market share of all international passengers in 2018.
  • In the same report, there were 1,952,212 passenger movements between Australia and Los Angeles. To roughly extrapolate, this means around 121,037 passengers were on Virgin Australia flights.
  • The UK Civil Aviation Authority collates some airline passenger data. Virgin Atlantic operates under two different names: Virgin Atlantic Airways and Virgin Atlantic International. In 2018, they transported 5,192,720 and 193,601 passengers internationally, respectively. Destination-specific data is not separated out in any of CAA's data tables.
  • The UK Department for Transport additionally does not give data to this granularity. They only offer the top 25 most popular routes and their airlines, none of which are Virgin Atlantic to Florida.
  • The FAA does not have statistics on flight passenger numbers.
  • The Department of Transportation statistics portal has robust data broken out by airline and airport. For Virgin Atlantic, there were 24,159 passengers carried from Orlando, 126,812 from Las Vegas, 444,035 from Los Angeles, 666,526 from San Francisco and 53,051 from San Diego.
  • For those same airports, here are the Virgin Atlantic passenger figures for those flying to the airports: 24,411 Orlando, 125,039 Las Vegas, 437,898 Los Angeles, 667,429 San Francisco and 50,716 San Diego.
  • No figures were provided for Miami.
  • Furthermore, there is no exact data on exact route pairing passenger figures (such as, those just flying between Las Vegas and Californian airports). This data is either unavailable or is too granular to be reported in the public domain. It is possible some of this information is available via Virgin's annual reports or other information shared with shareholders.

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