Research Outline

Al Shaya - Competitive Landscape


  • STEP 1: To gain an in-depth understanding of Al Shaya's current brands and markets covering its key competitors, internet penetration levels, mobile penetration levels, average e-commerce spend, % of e-commerce (of total retail), and general demographic analysis of each market.
  • STEP 2: To determine potential e-commerce market share for Al Shaya brands based on their individual physical presence and the total market size of each vertical. This will also involve analyzing the attached spreadsheet with the aim of identifying brands with the highest presence in the listed countries as well as identify the next waves of potential countries for Al Shaya based on the presence of individual brands and the projected growth rate of each market.

Early Findings

  • Al Ashay is currently present in 18 countries with operations divided among 86 brands ranging from food to leisure and entertainment.
  • Here is the Google version of the excel spreadsheet provided to us that we will be working ffrom as we do not work in excel.