Alcoholic Seltzer Beverages Seasonal Use


Determine the season and the place when people usually drink alcoholic seltzer. Identify if there are seasonal trends or specific situations where the drink is consumed the most. This research will complement the separate request made on the persona of alcoholic seltzer drinkers. The research will be used to promote an alcoholic seltzer brand.

Early Findings

The following are the initial findings on the seasonal use of alcoholic seltzer and the ready-to-drink beverage types in general:
  • Alcoholic seltzer is considered as a summer drink due to its refreshing quality.
  • Alcoholic seltzer is part of the growing number of ready-to-drink beverages that are disrupting the adult beverage space.
  • Younger adult individuals opt for these ready-to-drink beverages in social group meet-ups and outdoor events.
  • As summer draws near, 32% prefer to consume ready-to-drink beverages in outdoor picnics.
  • Around 28% opt to drink these type of beverage around a beach or a pool.
  • Meanwhile, 23% prefer to consume these ready-to-drink beverages while on the road during holidays or vacation times.
  • Having a relaxing time at home is the top ready-to drink occasion for ready-to-drink beverages across all generations.
  • Other top situations that call for drinking these types of drinks include solo drinking, holiday time, special occasions, outdoor activities, and others.

Proposed next steps:

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