Alcoholic Seltzer Popularity Insights


To understand the factors that are driving the recent popularity of alcoholic seltzer products in order to facilitate a pitch to an alcoholic seltzer brand.

Early Findings

  • One of the major forces behind the recent popularity of alcoholic seltzer products is the move towards "health-conscious drinking habits and a preference for low-alcohol beverages, particularly among millennials." Bottled water sales overtook soda in 2016 and this fits right into the trend of demand for more health-conscious drinks.
  • Alcoholic seltzer products typically have about 100 calories per serving, compared to beer, wine, and other alcoholic products that have between 100 and 400 calories per serving, making alcoholic seltzer a popular choice for health-conscious consumers.
  • The fact that they are low in alcohol and are gluten-free makes it appealing to both men and women.
  • Pricing is also a factor and alcoholic seltzers are cheaper than craft beer.
  • Experts in the industry also believe that another reason it is growing in popularity is that "it resolves the problem of sweetness, and the accompanying higher calories, that have plagued the flavored malt beverage category over the years."
  • They are also believed to be a good mixer as it doesn't dilute drinks such as vodka as much while providing fruity flavor.
  • Another factor is also the fact that consumers want "their favorite beverage—be they wine or a cocktail—in a form as portable as a beer."

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