Natural Adult/Feminine Care at Target


To learn about Target’s clean/all-natural care items in the adult and feminine care space. These items are chemical-free, 100% cotton, sustainable, or in some other way “clean.”

Early Findings

  • The global organic and natural tampon market was worth $595.5 million in 2017. It is expected to double by 2026.
  • Major players in the organic/natural feminine care market include the Honest Company, GladRags, Bella Flor, NatraCare, LunaPads, Seventh Generation, and Maxim Hygiene, among others.


  • Rael’s is one of the newer feminine product lines introduced at target in 2019. The company sells organic cotton pads, organic cotton pantyliners and natural foaming feminine wash which are now available at 1,850 Target stores nationwide as well as
  • In March 2019, the new ‘Clean’ Target icon started showing up on its website to identify products without harmful chemicals. In April 2019, the symbol launched in stores.


  • In February 2019, P&G acquired This Is L., a natural feminine care brand. By May 2019, P&G announced the launch of its organic tampons and pads (Tampa Pure and Always Pure).


  • While a media-wide chemical-free perspective is not played up by Kimberly-Clark, the company is listed as a major player in the global organic/natural feminine care market. The company also promotes its social responsibility efforts with its partnered program to help girls in need have menstruation products and expand the conversation around menstruation equity.
  • One of the things Kimberly-Clark tried in 2015 was ‘the Period Shop’, a pop-up shop that linked feminine care to beauty and spa services. This was the company’s efforts to try to gain new customers and move a sluggish sector.
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