Alternative Energy Sources


To understand the conversation in Texas (media, social media and forums, websites) around selecting alternative sources of energy with a focus on Champion Energy, Green Mountain, and Griddy Energy in the Texas market in order to pitch Bulb Energy - UK, a company launching in Texas first.

Early Findings

Our background research on understanding the conversation in Texas around selecting alternative sources of energy with a first focus on Champion Energy revealed insights. Here are some key pieces of information we found:

Alternative Sources of Energy in Texas:

Champion Energy

  • Champion Energy offers a portion of electricity to their customers that is always produced by renewable sources with the promise that this percentage will increase over time as more renewable energy sources are added to the grid.
  • Residential and commerical customers can currently choose additional green energy plans called Green Energy-12 and Green Energy-24 that offer 100% renewable energy and are paired with Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), to ensure clean, green energy is produced to match their consumption.
  • Energy Outlet is located in Texas and describes Champion Energy on their website as "the fastest-growing retail electric provider in the nation and the largest to have never been affiliated with a utility." Energy Outlet's passion is "to see a sustainable and renewable energy future", and they also emphasize that Champion Energy uses renewable energy that comes from clean sources like wind and solar energy.
  • Champion Energy currently has 13,093 likes and 12,555 followers on their Facebook page in social media. A search of their most recent posts through October did not have any specific conversations about selecting alternative energy sources in the Texas market. However, there was a post on October 15th about October being Energy Awareness month and a link of where to go to download some free energy and conservation activities for kids.

Research proposal:

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