Alton Brown's Competitors


To obtain information on Alton Brown's non-chef competitors, the top non-chef food technology/food science influencers, website traffic for recipes, promoting tours/schedules online for a client meeting and strategy session regarding the design and development of a new website.

Early Findings

  • His Twitter page is accessible here.
  • His Facebook page is found here.
  • Brown's podcast is found here.
  • He has programs on Food Network including Good Eats as well as Food Network star, Iron Chef America and Cutthroat Kitchen.
  • He has written Alton Brown: EveryDayCook and has scores on recipes on videos on Food Network.
  • Some of his highest rated recipes include Good Eats Roast Turkey, The Chewy, Who Loves Ya Baby-Back, Guacamole, and "Instant" Pancake Mix.

Proposed next steps:

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