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To understand Amazon’s emerging business lines, the product design/development and digital marketing leadership in these areas, and whether they use an outsources or in-house creative/digital/ux/marketing agency.

Early Findings

Proprietary Research Available
Bolster your final deliverable with proprietary research from Euromonitor International for an additional $1,325. Individual sections of this report are available for smaller amounts. For example, the “Existing and Emerging Activities” section is available for $1,066.63. This research includes information on Amazon’s forays into the home care segment with specific mentions of the grocery and food retail markets, as well as the fashion market.

Bolster your final deliverable with proprietary research from Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute for an additional $1,800 (or individual report sections starting at $47.85. This research discusses Amazon's artificial intelligence patent deployment strategies, which may offer insights into their goals for developing AI-driven products and services.


  • Amazon is opening a physical grocery store in Los Angeles as early as 2019 with leases for two more stores in 2020.
  • The company is also looking at putting grocery stores in shopping centers in “San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.”
  • Shares of other grocery stores dropped when the news was announced, and there is speculation that Amazon may also enter the pharmacy market.
  • Sara Chizek is Senior Product Marketing Manager for Amazon Grocery, which includes their AmazonFresh, Prime Now, Whole Foods, and Restaurant segments), though it isn’t clear if this will include the free-standing grocery stores.
  • In September 2018, Amazon hired Patrick Waldron, Vice President of Real Estate and Business Development at Save-A-Lot Food Stores, fueling the speculations around the company’s grocery store plans, though his LinkedIin profile lists him as simply “Real Estate” at Amazon.
  • MullenLoweLA was Whole Foods creative agency of record for its initial campaign after Amazon acquired it, though it is unclear whether Amazon will use this agency for its burgeoning grocery store segment.


  • Amazon is pushing AI-as-a-service as a growing business line, "putting the basic tools of AI in the hands of its cloud computing and developer community."
  • Amazon's AI patents indicate they are working on turning Alexa into an AI assistant that can understand "natural human language," creating facial recognition technology, developing autonomous vehicles, autonomous drones, behavioral analytics related to cybersecurity, and wireless heart rate detection technology.

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