Research Outline

Ambient Soups In Australia


To provide insight into the ambient soups market in Australia. To understand the trends that are governing consumption, purchasing, and consumer behavior, as well as cultural influences on the sector and customer engagement.

Early Findings

Industry trends
Companies creating meaningful connections with consumers seeking adventure from food
  • In 2016, Campbell's Soup were able to engage Australian audiences with a creative social media marketing campaign across the platform YouTube. The ad campaign was based around a series of different videos, which depicted soup as a convenient meal option for a range of different scenarios, and sort to remind Australians that Campbells had "a soup for every occasion".
  • Continental ran a 2014 marketing campaign featuring a set of advertisements where they encouraged consumers to enjoy a cup of soup alongside a sandwich.
  • Campbells provides customers with a list of soup recipes via their website. Advertising the versatility of their condensed soups, Campbells provide articles and media content on many different types of household meals, which can be made using a wide range of different ingredients.
  • McKenzie launched a new range of healthy and budget friendly 'soup kits' in 2018 consisting of pulses and stock sachets. These kits were designed to make the process for preparing soup at home easier, and required the customer to only purchase fresh ingredients, such as vegetables and meat, as required.
Most popular flavors of soup
Perceptions of ambient vs canned vs chilled soup