COVID-19: Trusted Sources of Information


To obtain insights into the types of resources or experts that Americans are trusting for guidance as it related to COVID-19 and to determine if pharmacies or drug stores are among them.

Early Findings

Federal Agencies

  • The two most trusted federal agencies for Americans for information and guidance relating to COVID-19 are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (79%) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).
  • CDC is trusted by 79% of Americans and 80% trust HHS.
  • 45 — 66% of Americans trust the federal government for information about COVID-19 (i.e. 56% on average).
  • 41% of American adults trust Congress for providing them with accurate information about COVID-19.

Social Media and Traditional News Media

  • Americans look to social media and traditional news sources (i.e. TV, and radio) for information relating to COVID-19.
  • The trust versus mistrust in news media for accurate information is almost 50-50% for Americans. 62% of them believe that the news is slightly exaggerated.


  • 74% of Americans trust medical doctors and 68% trust medical research scientists for guidance on COVID-19.
  • Medical research scientists were trusted more by older people.
  • Just below half of Americans have confidence in business leaders while 35% have confidence in elected officials.
  • According to the National Associations of Chain Drug Stores, Americans "trust pharmacies and pharmacists for information about medications, and about other issues of health and wellness", especially in a time of health crisis such as H1N1. It is expected to be the same and they are making adjustments to properly provide guidance for Americans.
  • Pharmacists are easily accessible to at least 90% of Americans, which suggests that they'd be consulted for guidance on COVID-19 as healthcare experts, especially in community pharmacies.

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