Research Proposal

America Adults


To obtain information about American adults and the sources they use for trusted information as well as general information about their feeling of a loss of control in their daily lives due to COVID-19.

Early Findings

Feeling Out of Control

  • The age group of American adults that are most worried about COVID-19 is 18 – 24 years, and this is based on a survey of 500 U.S. adults conducted by Wunderman Thompson Data.
  • The fear and anxiety being expressed in this time is related to health, "government’s ability to control the pandemic and partisanship" and the economy.
  • Kantar conducted a study with 30,000 consumers and found that financial concern is their main area of concern, with those 18 – 24 years being mostly worried about their income.
  • According to STAT Report, Americans do feel out of control as it relates to medical issues and the uncertainty in their daily lives.
  • Over 50% of them are concerned about their family. 19% are having trouble sleeping and 8% are consuming more alcohol.


  • According to Unruly's survey, just below 50% of consumers stay up-to-date with details from ads, but just below 40% prefer to see "warm" or "happy" ads.
  •'s survey found that Americans wish to see informative ads from brands "about preventative measures or philanthropic efforts".
  • American adults are looking to pharmacies, grocery stores, healthcare insurance providers, restaurants, airlines and food delivery services among others, for messaging related to coronavirus and their products and services. A breakdown of these companies can be seen in this graph.
  • People in the U.S. and other countries turn to news sources such as CNN for answers about the pandemic.
  • 48% of American adults have experienced misinformation about COVID-19, especially on social media.
  • Just over half of them get their information from the news.
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