American Millennials' Outdoors and Nature Activities


To get psychographic information on whether people (especially American millenials) feel that they are not spending enough time outside, and have a grasp of perception of lack of outdoor spending due to modern life. The report will be used to prove that both active/non-active Americans desire to spend more time in the outdoors & nature (they feel that they are not spending enough time).

Early Findings

  • According to a US study of 12,000 adults (including millennials) and children in the United States conducted by DJ Case and Associates, “many people have lost a close connection with nature, although a wide cross-section of respondents expressed a desire to close that gap.”
  • Dubbed the 'Nature of Americans National Report', the survey discovered that over half of adults spend five hours or less outdoors each week.
  • According to the report, individuals spend less time outdoors because their workplaces and schools generally do not encourage contact with the natural world and
  • Also, they spend less time out because a myriad of competing priorities and activities push experiences in nature to the side.
  • The survey also found that young adults (such as millennials) and minority groups face more barriers and obstacles to getting into nature compared to other groups.
  • Even though the report found that less time is spent outdoors, it also unearthed that three-quarters of adult Americans (including millennials) state that they love nature and are in support of programs to help people appreciate nature and wildlife.
  • The report recommends that “communities, conservation groups, schools, and state and federal wildlife and park agencies to promote a wide variety of outdoor activities tailored to the interests of a broad cross-section of society.”
  • The report further emphasizes the need for “efforts to increase participation in traditional outdoor activities — such as hunting, fishing, and hiking — as well as promoting trips to more “curated” places such as parks, gardens, zoos, and aquariums. ”

Summary of Findings

  • During the first hour or research, we have established that there is information on American's activities that pertain to outdoors and nature consumption patterns. Even so, not much information specific to millenials to show that they spend less time outside. Also, specific statistics also seem to be limited. Take note, though, that is was just an hour of research. More hours may yield more of the needed information to fulfill this assignment.
  • We, however, believe that our able research team will work to find information and, if not available, find alternative data points to triangulate needed information or use the general information on US adults as a proxy for Millenials. This will be the last resort, following a thorough unsuccessful search.
  • For the research team to proceed, please choose one or more of the proposed next steps in the scoping section below.

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