Video Game Market


Provide a deep analysis of the video game market, in order to gain a better understanding for working with a client in this field. Explore key trends, including how video games and e-sports are challenging concept of sports, societal impacts, key players, and key innovations in the space. Provide data on investments by major companies such as Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Google in the video game space, including what type of tech or gaming styles they are investing, the role of VR in gaming, and the role of cloud-based gaming services, and a comprehensive overview of the state of subscription-based gaming services, as well as the role of mobile gaming, console gaming and computer gaming, and revenues of each.

Early Findings

Societal Impacts

  • The majority of the population plays video games, with one survey showing that 80% of the general population plays video games somewhat regularly.
  • Males tended to play video games more frequently, with 55% surveyed playing several times a week.
  • $115.8 billion was spent on gaming in 2018.


  • Esports have only begun to be considered a professional sport in the past few years, and there is still significant debate on whether it is a true sport.
  • However, esports were recently included in the Olympics and will be an official medal earning event by 2024.
  • One reason esports are often considered a true sport is that in order to train, one must work on improving motor and cognitive abilities and skills.
  • In addition to growth in the participation in esports, viewership of esports events is increasing. In 2018, 165 million people considered themselves esports enthusiasts, and 215 million considered themselves occasional viewers.

Key Innovations

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