Research Proposal

UK Insurance Industry Competitive Landscape


To analyze and understand the homeowner and rental insurance competitive landscape in the UK by looking at a competitive analysis of select competitors in the space, including LetAlliance, RentGuard Insurance, Endsleigh, Homelet, Urban Jungle Insurance, LV=, Direct Line Group, Aviva, AXA, HomeProtect, and Homelyfe. This analysis would include the name of each company, Description, Business type (MGA, Digital Broker, Carrier), Year founded, Geography, Funding to-date, products offered, pricing by product, and select reviews.

Early Findings

During our preliminary research, we were able to provide each of the competitive details for Urban Jungle Insurance. We then placed these findings into a spreadsheet as requested. Below is an overview of our early findings.



Products and Pricing

Positive and Negative Reviews

  • We then quoted three individual positive and negative reviews from a UK review site.
  • These reviews have been entered into the spreadsheet.

Proprietary Research

  • In addition to this public search, we scanned our proprietary research database of over 1 million sources and were unable to find any specific research reports that address your goals.
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