Android One


To learn more about the Android 1 product with a focus on the reason Google initiated it and its value proposition to inform a similar product venture and understand the initial drivers.

Early Findings

  • It was initially started in 2014 targeting developing countries.
  • It is described as "the purest form of Android."
  • According to Google, "the best version of Android, right out of the box."
  • The label is found on the back of phones that have this OS.
  • The first product to incorporate this was the HTC U11 Life.
  • Nokia became a major partner. LG and Motorolla also have some products that have it.
  • It does not have the apps and features that manufacturers normally add.
  • This product is free from "bloat."
  • It offers Google services with all the necessary apps from Google.
  • It offers support with its Google Assistant.
  • It even offers support for the hardware components.
  • This product also offers upto two years of upgrades and latest versions.
  • The battery power will last longer as the phone's background activity will only run for the most important apps.
  • One value proposition is that, "...your phone will even reduce power usage while it’s in your pocket or purse."
  • The Google lens feature offers much more text manipulation than the ordinary camera app loaded by Android manufacturers.
  • Storage capacity is resolved by offering free space for photos without compromising the quality with the Google Photos app.
  • Android One phones are the most secure with monthly security updates and integrated with Google Play Protect.

Proposed next steps:

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