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Disney Product Numbers


To create an informational case study by researching the number of annual Disney cruise goers, annual number of stays in Disney hotels/vacation properties, and number of tickets sold to Disney movies in 2019 (including Lucasfilm, Pixar, Marvel, and Disney Productions).

Early Findings

  • Disney accounted for 33.4% of the U.S. box office by October 2019 and by December 31 accounted for 38%.
  • Disney brought in around $13 billion in 2019 in movie sales.
  • Avengers: Endgame alone brought in 100 million people during its worldwide view opening.
  • Disney runs four different cruises ships with two ships carrying 2,700 cruise goers and the other two ships carrying 4,000. Disney has around 250 launches per year. For example, if there were 50 launches of the ship that carries 2,700 passengers, there would have been 135,000 cruise goers that year. (2,700 x 50 = 135,000)
Based upon these numbers, you could estimate the number of annual Disney cruise goers is in the hundreds of thousands. There was no specific number provided by Disney, but this is an estimation based upon the numbers.
  • Disney World in total as 36 hotels with 30,000 rooms. Disney World sees an average of 52 million visitors a year.
  • Total number of global Disney park visitors for 2018 was 157 million.
  • For the fiscal year of 2019, Disney reported $26.2 million from its theme park division.
  • The four busiest theme parks in the world are owned by Disney.

Summary of Initial Research

  • We were able to find a large amount of information regarding how much Disney has made from a few of the areas requested. However, there was little information regarding the exact number of tickets sold for Disney movies (since the industry bases its numbers off of total revenue of tickets sold, not number of tickets) and annual number of visits to hotels and cruise goers.
  • We were able to find numbers that provided an estimate of potential numbers for Disney resorts and Disney cruises.

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